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The Children of the King
Road Crew

The Mug Shot! Praising the King!!!


It began back in 1991 when our Children of the King Youth Group made its first journey out to Franciscan University of Steubenville for the High School Age Summer Youth Conference. Ever since then, we have been attending the conference annually and the number of young people who join us continues to increase each year. Many of the high school teens who have attended, and continue to attend the conference, have experienced deep conversions in their lives. Along with their personal conversion, they have developed a deep desire to reach out to other teens to bring the Gospel message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Children of the King Road Crew does just that! During the past year, many of our teens in the parish youth group have gathered together in prayer in order to put together a presentation that reaches to the very hearts of other teenagers. They have decided to do this because they want other teens to experience the peace, joy, mercy, and love that they have experienced in their lives as a result of committing themselves to Jesus Christ. The Road Crew ministry consists of short witnesses and teachings by teens who have experienced conversion in their lives and have developed deep personal relationships with Christ. It also consists of some comical skits to "break the ice", contemporary Christian music, and a dramatic presentation which truly reaches to the very hearts of the teens who are gathered. This dramatic presentation is followed by a commitment prayer to Jesus Christ where the teens are invited to commit themselves to Christ and to let go of the sins in their lives which are burdening them.

The focus of the Children of the King Road Crew is not to "perform", rather it is to simply witness and minister to other teenagers in order to lead them to the love and forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ. They have witnessed to many Catholic teen youth groups, Confirmation classes, and also to other Christian denominations. As Christ said in the Gospel, we must "judge a tree by its fruit". Rest assured that the good fruits of the Road Crew have been abundant. Many teens have experienced the love of Christ in a profoundly deep way because of the Road Crew ministry.

The Children of the King Road Crew is a testimony to the new "Youth Revolution" which is occurring throughout the world: a "revolution" of young people who are committing their lives to Jesus Christ, and bringing the abundant life of Christ to other youth.

If you are interested in having the Children of the King Road Crew come and minister to the teens in your church, you can contact Fr. Ray at 401-596-2535 or you can e-mail him at Father Ray Suriani

(Fr. Raymond Suriani, Spiritual Advisor)


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