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Daily homily to NAC seminarians
Mark 6:34-44 (Multiplication of Loaves)
Rev. Mr. John A Sistare

"You give them something to eat!" In the Gospel today, Jesus and his disciples are seeking out a quiet place. They haven’t eaten and they are tired, so the last thing they want to see is a crowd. Well, guess what’s awaiting them as they get out of the boat. Another crowd! We can’t help but think that Jesus and the disciples were tempted to say,…"here we go again, more people!, Go Home! don’t you people have a life!." However, Jesus instead pities the crowd, whom were like "Sheep without shepherd." Then he turns to his disciples and says, "you give them something to eat." My brothers, this line should smack us right in the face this morning! you give them something to eat."

The crowds are awaiting us as well back home. There may be days when we will be tired and tempted to not give the daily homily, despite all the theological training we have had and despite being strongly recommended by the Church. This is when we must hear Jesus say to us… you give them something to eat."

There will be people in the parish that will beg for adoration and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. People will beg for prayer groups, catechism classes, and bible study and maybe at the expense of our socials and cocktail parties, we will hear Jesus say, you give them something to eat."

There will be a need to instruct as Father of the family and preach "in and out of season" to the flock, on hard issues, such as contraception, abortion, active homosexuality, and premarital sex. Despite the fear and possible loss of popularity, we will hear… you give them something to eat."

Finally, there may be times when a penitent soul will be looking to be washed clean with the blood of Christ in the sacrament of penance and although it is not the 45 minutes before the Saturday vigil Mass, we will hear Jesus say… you give them something to eat."

My brothers, the crowd are awaiting us! People are spiritually starving and being led astray by dangerous cults and even bad shepherds! you give them something to eat."

We ourselves need to be fed as well. Jesus himself knew the importance of quiet. After the multiplication of loaves, he went off to pray alone. At this Mass today, we will be fed with the body, blood, soul & divinity of Jesus Christ. We have the opportunity to be fed with holy hours and quiet prayer. Today, may we be strengthened and filled with Christ, so that we may go forth to the crowds awaiting us and give them something to eat."



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