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Marriage Homily Practicum

Wedding at Cana: John 2:1-11

A long time ago, when my brother and I were young, we decided to make cookies for my parents. We were so excited to surprise them with our debut baking attempt. However, the recipe called for baking powder and we were unable to find any in the cupboards. So, being as creative as we were, we decided what’s the difference if we use baking soda in its’ place? We soon found out!!! My parents were surprised and pleased, at least until they took their first bite of the cookies. Let’s just say the cookies left a sort of after taste! We used the wrong ingredient and we got a bad transformation, the wrong result.

In today’s Gospel, we see instead a good transformation. At the wedding at Cana, the wine runs out and Jesus tells them to fill the jars with water. They present the jars of water to him and the water is transformed into the best or vintage wine. This transformation took place because the right ingredient was added. That ingredient is Jesus!

In this Sacrament of Marriage, Maureen and David, you will present your love for one another before Jesus and His Church. Just as the jars of water were presented and transformed into the ‘best’ wine, so will your love be transformed. Jesus wants to transform the love you have now and by His grace, make it the best or vintage love. A love that is a perfect imitation of the Holy Trinity. A love that is self giving and life giving as well.

My prayer for you today, is that you never forget the right ingredient! May you never use the wrong ingredient, but always put Jesus as the center of your marriage. Finally, today, begin this transformation of your love by receiving the very life of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. In receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, may the love you have now, be perfected and become the best love.


John Sistare, Seminarian, Angelicum, Rome, March 15, 1999

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