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911 - 913 AD

Not much is known of Anastasius III. He was a Roman, the son of Lucian, and he was elected pope either in April or June, 911. He seems to have been an excellent man and a good pope.

One interesting fact about the pontificate of Anastasius III was the visit of Howel the Good king of Wales. Howel was engaged in drawing up a code of laws for his hill-country Celts. Determined to see that the laws were well drawn up, he made the difficult journey to Rome to see Pope Anastasius and ask him to confirm the new Welsh laws.

Outside of the fact that he granted the pallium to Ragenbert, bishop of Vercelli, and various privileges to the bishop of Pavia, and confirmed the privileges of the church of Grado, nothing else is known of the acts of Pope Anastasius III.

In Germany, however, an event of some significance took place. Louis the Child, whose reign was disaster to the strife-torn country, was replaced by Conrad the Franconian. Louis was the last of Charlemagne's line to rule in Germany.

Anastasius III died some time in the summer of 913. He was buried in St. Peter's. His epitaph pithily remarks that the tomb holds the bones but could not contain the merits of this Pope who ruled the Church well.

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