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Questions for Study and Discussion

1. Is there a specific way to practice Teresian or Carmelite prayer?

2. In a few words, describe the spirit of Teresian prayer.

3. What does St. Teresa mean by vocal prayer?

4. What does it mean to say that meditation is a category of Teresian prayer?

5. List some of the major characteristics of Teresian prayer.

6. Name some of the methods and acts that qualify as meditative for Teresa.

7. What do we mean when we say that Teresian prayer is self-knowing? Non- introspective?

8. Have you understood what the Western method of lectio livina is? Describe its four elements. Do you understand that these elements are not steps but rather ingredients intermingled to make up the unity of prayer?

9. Take each of the elements of lectio divina and inject some Teresian notions into it, to come up with a Teresian lectio divina.

10. What is meant by the localization of God? In what method of prayer proposed by Teresa is the localization of Christ within the self the characteristic note?

11. In what ways has this study enriched your notion of Teresian prayer?

12. Do you perceive the great personal liberty each person has in choosing methods and approaches to prayer?

13. Is it clear that Sacred Scripture, liturgy, and real life should be the tripod upon which one s prayer stands?

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