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Ninth Meditation - The Choice Of Heaven


Place yourself in the Presence of God and humbly ask Him to inspire you.


Imagine yourself on an open plain, alone with your Guardian Angel, like Tobias on the way to Rages, and imagine that he shows you Heaven open above you and all the joys we have already considered. Then imagine that he shows you hell open below you with all the sufferings described in the meditation on hell. With this choice before you, and kneeling at the feet of your Guardian Angel -

1. Consider that you are in reality between Heaven and hell and that according to your choice, one or the other will be your final end.

2. Consider that the choice you make in this world will last forever in the next.

3. Although both are open to you according to your choice, God, Who is ready to give you either the first (by His Divine Mercy) or the second (by His Divine Justice), desires above all else that you should choose Heaven. And your Guardian Angel is doing all that he can to obtain for you every possible help to bring you there.

4. Jesus Christ looks down upon you from Heaven with great Love and Mercy and through the Wounds of His Passion and Death, and He says to you - "Come, My child, My beloved, come seek eternal rest within My Sacred Heart, and enjoy the everlasting happiness which, in the infinite abundance of My Love, I have prepared for Thee!".

5. And then turn your eyes toward the Most Blessed Virgin, your Mother and Queen, Who smiles upon you and says - "Have courage; do not despise My ardent prayers nor the desires of My Son, for thy eternal salvation, but come to Me - for My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, My Son".

6. Look upon the Saints, whose only desire is that you should join them in praising the Most Holy Trinity forever; they assure you that the path to Heaven is not as difficult as the world suggests, saying - "Have courage! Whoever considers the path of devotion by which we travelled here will see that it was a more delightful path than that of the world".


1. I renounce hell and all its torments and pains forever. I renounce that eternity of misery with all its curses and blasphemies against God.

2. I turn myself heart and soul toward Heaven, with its eternal glory and joy and its unending happiness; there shall my home be forever, in the mansions of eternity. O my God, I bless and praise Thy infinite and Divine Mercy and choose Thy most holy will. O Jesus, my Saviour, I respond to Thy Love, which has purchased for me my place in Heaven by the shedding of Thy Most Precious Blood upon the Holy Cross. I desire nothing else but to love Thee and to bless Thee forever.

3. I accept the graces which the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints obtain for me, and I promise to make my way to join their company, travelling hand in hand with my Guardian Angel, who will lead me Home.

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