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Eighth Meditation - Heaven


Place yourself in the Presence of God and ask His help.


1. Think of the beauty of a clear night sky and of the wonder of its countless stars; then of the beauty of a lovely day, and imagine that the radiance of the sun in no way dims the beauty of the moon and the stars; such loveliness cannot compare with the beauty of Heaven. How lovely it must be, how beautiful, how precious and how desirable!

2. Consider the radiant nobility of that Kingdom’s countless citizens - Angels, Apostles, Saints, Martyrs, Confessors, Virgins, Holy Men and Women; such a multitude and such happiness! The least of them is more beautiful than all the world; what happiness to gaze upon them! Eternal Love is ever the burden of their song; unfailing joy fills their hearts - a joy beyond compare, which they communicate to one another in a blissful union which can never have an end.

3. Consider lastly their happiness in enjoying God, Who favours them forever with His visible Presence, and Who fills their hearts with all delight. What joy to be one with the Fountainhead of their very being! Like birds singing for joy, they wing their way through the air of God’s encompassing Divinity and its unimaginable delights, vying with one another in singing His praise, yet without envy. O my Creator, my Saviour, I bless Thee for Thy liberality in granting eternally the treasure of Thy glory and Majesty! And God calls to these elect ones - "Be blessed forever, My beloved children, who have served Me and who will praise Me so lovingly and so fervently for all eternity!".

Spiritual Acts and Resolutions

1. Admire and praise this beautiful country. Jerusalem, how beautiful thou art! How happy thine inhabitants!

2. Reproach yourself for cowardice in so often falling away from the path to this most glorious abode. Why have I strayed so far from the path to my greatest happiness? For the sake of vain and empty pleasures, I have turned my back a hundred times upon eternal and ineffable delights! What madness to despise them for the desire of empty vanities and follies!

3. Set your whole heart upon Heaven. Since Thou hast directed me once more into Thy ways, O Lord, I will never again turn aside but will go always forward to eternal rest in Thy Presence, to that Kingdom of everlasting joy, to that promised land, this Egypt no more my home nor my resting place.

4. I will cast off everything which holds me back upon my journey there, and I will do all I can to reach my goal, assisted by Thy bountiful grace.


1. Thanksgiving. Thank God for having created you for a destiny of such immeasurable joy, lived in the eternal light of His Presence.

2. Offering. I offer Thee, my Creator, these spiritual acts and resolutions with all my heart and soul and will.

3. Petition. Accept, O God, these desires and aspirations and give me Thy blessing that I may put them into practice through the merits of Thy Son, Who, by shedding His Precious Blood for me upon the Cross, opened for me the gates of Heaven.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

Your prayer completed, wander back in spirit among your considerations and gather a bouquet of spiritual thoughts to perfume your whole day.

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