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Sixth Meditation - Final Judgement


Place yourself in the Presence of God and ask Him to inspire you.


1. At the appointed time, after many dreadful signs and portents at which men will wither away from fear and expectation, a torrent of fire will reduce the entire earth to ashes, sparing nothing.

2. Then everyone shall rise from the grave, save those already risen, and - at the voice of the Archangel - shall gather in the Valley of Josaphat. But what differences! Some will have glorious and radiant bodies, others will have hideous and repellent ones.

3. Consider the Majesty of the Just Judge when He appears, attended by the Saints and Angels, His Holy Cross before Him and shining like the sun - a symbol of Divine Mercy for the good, and of Divine Justice for the wicked.

4. At His command, the good and the wicked will be separated - the good on His right and the wicked on His left - separated forever, never again to meet.

5. Then will all consciences be manifested - the sins and ingratitude of the wicked, the repentance and graces of the good, nothing being hidden. The wicked shall be confounded and the good consoled.

6. Consider the final sentence of the wicked. Go far from Me, you that are accursed, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels (Matt 25:41). Try to realise how terrible and irrevocable these words are; a sentence of everlasting banishment from the Presence of God, then to be called accursed by God - the most terrible and final of all maledictions, and an eternal one, for such a soul will suffer in everlasting torment. An eternity of suffering and separation from God - nothing could ever be more terrible.

7. Consider on the other hand what He will say to the good, drawing them into His Presence and His Heart, the Source of all Goodness. Come, you who have received a blessing from My Father (to be blessed of the Father is to receive all blessings); take possession of the Kingdom which has been prepared for you since the foundation of the world (Matt 25:34) - this is the crown of all blessings, for this Kingdom shall have no end.

Spiritual Acts and Resolutions

1. Remember these things, my soul, and tremble at the thought of them. Who can save me, O my God, on the day when the very pillars of Heaven (Job 26:11) tremble with fear?

2. Detest your sins, which alone stand against you on that awful day.

3. I will judge myself now that I may not be judged then; examine my conscience, condemn myself and amend my ways that the Just Judge may not condemn me on that dread and final day. To this end I will go to Confession and take all the means necessary.


1. Thanksgiving. Thank God for giving you the means of preparing for that terrible day, and for allowing you time to do penance.

2. Offering. Offer Him your heart to this end.

3. Petition. Ask Him to grant you the graces to take these means.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

Your prayer completed, wander back in spirit among your considerations and gather a bouquet of spiritual thoughts to perfume your whole day.

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