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Fourth Meditation - Sin


Place yourself in the Presence of God and ask Him to inspire you.


1. Consider how long it is since you began to sin, and how sin has multiplied in your heart, increasing day by day; sins against God, against those about you, by word and by deed, by though and desire, by omission.

2. Consider your evil inclinations and how far you have followed them. You will conclude that your sins are as countless as the hairs on your head (Ps 39:13), more numerous than the grains of sand on the seashore.

3. Consider alone the sin of ingratitude toward God, a sin so fundamental that it affects all your sins and makes them very much worse. Consider all Gods many benefits and how you have used them against Him - inspirations neglected, graces rejected, Mercy scorned. Consider how often you have received the Sacraments - yet where is the fruit? Where are the precious jewels with which He adorned your soul? They are buried beneath your sins. What preparation have you made before receiving the Sacraments? What ingratitude to lose yourself fleeing from Him Who seeks only to save you!

Spiritual Acts and Resolutions

1. Be ashamed of your wretchedness. How dare I appear before Thee, O my God, when I am but refuse, and abyss of ingratitude and iniquity? What disloyalty! No single sense, no faculty of soul not abused and defiled, no single day free from such evils. What a return for Thy graces, for the Precious Blood of my Saviour!

2. Ask forgiveness. Cast yourself at Our Blessed Lord’s feet, as a prodigal son, as another Magdalen, or as another Pharisee. O God, have pity on me, a sinner! O Fountain of Mercy, pity me in my misery!

3. Resolve to change your life. With the assistance of Thy grace, O Lord, I will never again surrender to sin. I now detest what I have loved only too well, and I turn to Thee, O Merciful Father, resolved to live and to die in Thee.

4. To blot out my past sins, I will confess them courageously and cast every one of them from my soul.

5. I will do all I can to destroy their roots in my heart, especially those which have troubled and ensnared me the most.

6. To do this, I will constantly take the means recommended to me, and never think that I have done enough to make reparation for such grievous offences, such vile iniquities!


1. Thanksgiving. Thank God for waiting so patiently for you till now, and for giving you these good desires.

2. Offering. Offer Him your heart, that you may put them into practice.

3. Petition. Pray for the strength to do so.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

Your prayer completed, wander back in spirit among your considerations and gather a bouquet of spiritual thoughts to perfume your whole day.

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