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Third Meditation - The Benefits Of God


Place yourself in the Presence of God and ask Him to inspire you.


1. Consider the bodily gifts which God has showered on you. Your body, the abundant means to keep it alive, its lawful pleasures and comforts, your friends, so many things to help you. Compare your own case with that of so many others who are more worthy and who have yet been denied them; those who are disabled, maimed and ill, those who have no friends, who are despised and dishonoured, or suffering poverty . God has spared you these miseries.

2. Consider your gifts of mind. Many people are half-witted, mad or insane, yet you are not of their number; God has treated you with favour. Similarly, many have had no upbringing and are ignorant, yet Divine Providence has granted you a good education in every way.

3. Consider your spiritual gifts. You are a child of the Church. From childhood, God has taught you about Himself. He has given you His Sacraments so often and His interior graces and aspirations, awakening your conscience. He has pardoned your sins, and delivered you from the dangers which beset your soul. What have all these years been but an opportunity to grow in grace? Consider these things one by one and realise how gracious and tender God has been to you.

Spiritual Acts and Resolutions

1. Wonder at Gods goodness. How good God is to me, how good He is in Himself. Thy Heart, O Lord, is rich in mercy and abounding in love. Forever I will sing of Thy favours to me.

2. Wonder at your ingratitude. What am I, Lord, that Thou are mindful of me? (Ps 8:5). How unworthy I am! I have trodden Thy benefits underfoot; I have abused Thy graces and denied Thy goodness by rejecting them. I have opposed the abyss of my ingratitude to the abyss of Thy grace and goodness.

3. Awaken your gratitude. Be no longer faithless, my heart; no longer ungrateful and disloyal to your great benefactor. Shall not my soul be henceforth subject to God (Ps 61:1), Who has worked such wonders of grace in me and for me?

4. Detach your heart from its false pleasures and consecrate it to God, Who has done so much for it. Apply your soul to knowing Him and thanking Him in ways best suited to your state. Make careful use of the means offered by the Church to save your soul and to love God.

I will be faithful to prayer, receive the Sacraments often and well, listen to the Word of God and put into practice His inspirations and counsels.


1. Thanksgiving. Thank God for making your duty known, and for all the graces He has so far granted you.

2. Offering. Offer Him your heart and your resolutions.

3. Petition. Pray for the strength to keep them through the merits of His Son and ask Our Blessed Lady and the Saints to intercede for you.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

Your prayer completed, wander back in spirit among your considerations and gather a bouquet of spiritual thoughts to perfume your whole day.

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