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Second Meditation - Why We Were Created


Place yourself in the Presence of God and ask Him to inspire you.


1. God has not placed you in the world because He needs you, for you are useless to Him, but simply to manifest His goodness in you by giving you His grace and glory; and to this end, He has given you an intellect to know Him, a memory to remember Him, a will to love Him, an imagination to represent to yourself His benefits, eyes to look upon the wonder of His works, a tongue to speak His praise… and so of your other faculties.

2. Since you were created and put in the world for this end, you must reject and avoid any actions which lead you away from it, and count as vain and useless those which lead you no nearer.

3. Consider the wretchedness of worldly people who never think of their true purpose, but live as though they were created only to build houses, plant trees, amass riches and amuse themselves.

Spiritual Acts and Resolutions

1. Reproach yourself humbly for your wretchedness in never having thought of these things before. What was I thinking about, my God, when not of Thee? What was I remembering when I was forgetful of Thee? Where was my heart when not set upon Thee? Truth should have been my food and yet I gorged myself with vanity, serving the world created to serve me.

2. Detest your past life. Vain thoughts and useless reasonings, I turn from you. Hateful and empty memories, I renounce you. Faithless and false friendships, harmful and wretched habits, selfish pleasure and unhappy indulgence, I will have no part with you.

3. Turn to God. My God and my Saviour, from now on I will think only of Thee; no more of things which may displease Thee. My memories shall be ever of Thy greatness and Thy Mercy so tenderly exercised on me. My heart shall find all its delight in Thee and Thou shalt be the object of its love. From now on I will detest the useless follies which have occupied my days and all the useless objects of my love, and accordingly, amend my life.


1. Thanksgiving. Thank God for having created you for so high a destiny. Thou hast made me for Thyself, O Lord, that I may rejoice for ever in the immensity of Thy glory. Thy glory! When shall I be worthy of it? When shall I bless Thee as I ought?

2. Offering. I offer Thee, my Creator, these spiritual acts and resolutions with all my heart and soul.

3. Petition. Accept, O God, these desires and aspirations and give me Thy blessing that I may put them into practice through the merits of Thy Son, Who shed His Precious Blood for me upon the Cross.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

Your prayer completed, wander back in spirit among your considerations and gather a bouquet of spiritual thoughts to perfume your whole day.

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