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Tenth Meditation - The Choice Of The Devout Life


Place yourself in the Presence of God and humbly ask Him to assist you.


1. Imagine yourself once more on the open plain, alone with your Guardian Angel, and imagine that on your left, there sits the devil on a mighty throne, surrounded by his minions and demons and countless multitudes who, by their sins, acknowledge him to be their lord. Look upon their faces and see the rage and the hatred, the anger and the envy written there; see how they are wasted with desire for riches, immersed in vanity, seeking only pleasures which are empty and transient, debased by their passions to become less than animals. Among them you will see no peace, no order and no respect, no show of love except that which is a mockery. Such are those whose lives have sought love of self rather than love of God - they are given over to the power of the devil.

2. Then imagine that on your right you see Jesus Christ crucified, praying that they may escape from the devils power, and calling them to Himself. See the mighty multitude of Saints and Angels all around Him, bathed in radiance and beauty; men and women who, in their virginity, are whiter than the lily and more perfumed than the rose; widows full of self-denial and humility, countless married people happy in a mutual love and respect which flows out of charity, little children purer than the purest snow, souls who have denied self, and who have taken up their Cross daily to follow the Lord of All Life. See how their exterior life in no way hinders their interior life, nor their love of one another that of the love of God. Look upon that multitude and you will see their evident holiness and gentleness as they listen to Our Lord, on Whom they have set all their hopes. Their joy is gracious, loving and well-ordered, their love for one another pure and sacred. Those in affliction are resigned and courageous, for their Saviour encourages them. All are united in their love for Him.

3. So far by your resolutions you have forsaken Satan, and his minions, but you have yet to enlist under the standard of Jesus Christ the King, for you are still hesitating in your choice.

4. Our Blessed Lady and Saint Joseph, and countless Saints, who once lived in the midst of the world, invite you and encourage you, while the Crucified King calls you by your name - "Come, O My beloved one, come that I may crown thee with the crown of everlasting life!".


1. I will never serve under the banners of the world, but will forsake forever its vanities and its follies, its empty pleasures and its false promises. I renounce forever the deceiver, the father of lies, the seducer, the lord of pride and self will, and all his works.

2. I turn to Jesus Christ, my Lord and my God, the King of Everlasting Life and Happiness, saying - "I love Thee with my all my heart, entire and undivided, with my whole body and all that I possess, with my entire will and without any reservation or exception, with my memory, my intellect, my understanding, and with all the faculties of my soul, and I choose Thee this day as my King, my Lord, my God and my All, now and for all eternity, pledging to always obey Thy holy laws and decrees, relying not upon myself, but solely upon Thy Divine Grace and upon the infinite merits of Thy Passion and Death, and upon the Infinite Love of Thy Most Sacred Heart.

3. O Ever-Blessed Virgin Mary, I choose and take Thee as my Mother and my Queen, my Mistress, my Model and my Guide; I place myself under Thy protection and offer Thee my love and reverence and service. And I beseech Thee to hear the pleas of Thy little child, and to grant me the refuge of Thine Immaculate Heart.

4. O my Angel Guardian, do not leave me until you have brought me into this most blessed company, with whom I shall forever adore, worship, praise bless and glorify God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

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